Staffer Profiled in Philly Citypaper Staffer Profiled in Philly Citypaper
Bob Johnson

PHILADELPHIA — blog editor-in-chief Dee Viant is the subject of a day-in-the-life article penned by erotic writer Rachel Kramer Bussel for the Philadelphia Citypaper.

Viant told Citypaper that her porn job is similar to any regular job and not a full time party as most in the adult industry can attest.

“We’re not having sex on our desks. It’s not debaucherous. You don’t get to jack off here. We’ve had people come to work thinking, ‘I’m gonna watch porn all day,’ who end up editing gay leather videos and saying, ‘That’s not what I want to watch.’ But it’s not about what you want to watch; it’s your job,” Viant said.

The HotMovies’ staffer also revealed that some of her porn misconceptions were overturned in the last three years since she began at the company. She cited the large interest in cuckolding as an area she didn't consider as being popular before she entered porn.

Viant also found huge fan followings for some stars, noting an unexpected “sweetness in hardcore.” “There’s a guy who makes it a point to get on Twitter and remind people to watch Tanya Tate’s videos.”

But like any job, Viant said there’s work she simply doesn’t enjoy —  food porn for example, that mixes sex and eating.

“Today someone showed me a gay video of a guy stepping in a pizza and another guy licking pizza grease off his foot.” Viant was happy to pass the video to a colleague.

When asked about being discriminated as a woman in a business that focuses on nude women, Viant said to the contrary, she’s felt it more in more formal workplaces. “At the office, it’s a business environment; we have to be mature about sex.”