Icon Male Releases 'The Stepfather 2'

Icon Male Releases 'The Stepfather 2'
Bob Johnson

MONTREAL — Gay romance studio Icon Male has released “The Stepfather 2,” the series’ second installment.

The Nica Noelle-directed film stars Matt Stevens as a deeply conflicted older man yearning for his stepson, Caleb King.

Also in the cast are Adam Russo, Sean Cross and Wolf Hudson.

“I'd only worked with Matt Stevens once before, but I found him to be such a lovely man and so I thought of him for 'The Stepfather 2,'” Noelle said.

She added, “He brings such vulnerability to the role. And Adam Russo, who starred in Volume 1, is featured as Matt's lonely best friend. What surprised me was the chemistry between Matt and Adam, particularly in their sex scene together. It ended up really being a movie about these two guys and what it means to be a middle-aged man who's coming to terms with life's setbacks.”

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