Darenzia Guests on 'The SDR Show'

NEW YORK — Performer Darenzia was a recent guest on The SDR Show.

The Penthouse model and actress discussed her Indiegogo campaign for the science fiction movie, “The Crossover,” and also shared her romantic past with show host Ralph Sutton (and his subsequent sexual shortcomings).

"This was both a satisfying and unsatisfying moment for me,” Sutton said. “I get to prove to Big Jay that I actually do hook up with these gorgeous girls — something he seems to sometimes doubt — but sadly we get to hear the story on how I was just an awful lay. I mean — terrible.”

He added, “Darenzia is beautiful; her new movie sounds cool, and I love how she didn't hold back on the sheer crappy-ness of my sexual prowess with her. While it won't do any wonders for my dating life, it certainly was a great story for the show.”