African Fly Sexual Enhancer Now Available

WASHINGTON, DC  — African Fly, an all-natural food-based sexual enhancer for men and women, is now available to distributors and retailers.

“We’ve been selling African Fly through our website and in stores in the Washington, D.C., area for the past 15 years,” said Brian Ayers, CEO of manufacturer Genesis Bio Tech. Inc.

He added, “After consistent requests for in-store purchases from Florida to Australia and beyond, we felt it was time to broaden our reach. Unlike testosterone medications, which can have adverse side effects, African Fly gives bodies the nutrition they need to make more testosterone.

“Because it’s taken in a liquid form, it can be absorbed into the blood stream to increase and optimize blood flow in the genitals and increase sex drive for both men and women in as quickly as an hour."

The compnay explained that in women, the body’s natural testosterone-boosting ingredients of African Fly can increase sexual urges and vaginal lubrication as well as intensify orgasms or help produce multiple orgasms. In men, African Fly can boost sex drive, create harder and longer lasting erections, and help men recover more quickly after sex. African Fly can also increase sensitivity to touch, sexual stamina and give both men and women extra energy to explore.

The ingredients  include cinnamon, cola nut, cloves, ginger, nutmeg, yohimbe, sarsaparilla root and damiana.

The product is priced at a MSRP of $55. For more information, visit, email Ayers at, or call (240) 646-4766.