Mr. Nori’s Magic Gel Launches Nuru Mobile in Denmark

Mr. Nori’s Magic Gel Launches Nuru Mobile in Denmark
Ariana Rodriguez

DENMARK — Mr. Nori’s Magic Gel has launched its first “Nuru Mobile” in partnership with Danish entrepreneur Bjarne Storgaard, who will be showcasing the product right in potential customers’ homes and massage parlors.

Covered in a car skin depicting scenes of a couple performing a nuru massage, the Nuru Mobile is already on the streets, spreading people of the nuru massage technique.

Magic Gel Nuru Massage Gel features a formula that is 98 percent natural and utilizes skin moisturizers including aloe vera, grape seed, chamomile and Nori seaweed extract.

A Magic Gel nuru massage brings the soothing experience of a luxury spa to your own home, the company says.  Magic Gel’s Nuru Gel is formulated in the U.S. and is transparent and tasteless.

Michael Lina, CEO of Nori France S.R.L. — Magic Gel’s business partner in the region — was instrumental in establishing the Nuru Mobile, the company said. He met with Storgaard leading up to the Nordic Erotic Expo in April, provided him with samples and then a partnership blossomed, Orit Benzaquen Nori Fields CEO said.

“We had the pleasure of meeting Bjarne in person at the Nordic Erotic Expo,” Nori France CEO Michael Lina said. “The event provided an excellent opportunity to shake hands and finally put a face to the voice of the man we had been communicating with. Bjarne was already familiar with Nuru massage but he fell in love with our product in particular — which we were thrilled about.

“We are so excited that he shares our passion for spreading the word about Nuru! The Nuru Mobile will be the perfect way to reach customers in an intimate setting where they can really get the full experience.”

Magic Gel was established in 2008 by a husband-and-wife team in Los Angeles.

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