Adnium Offers Tier 1 Pop-under Impressions

Adnium Offers Tier 1 Pop-under Impressions
Rhett Pardon

TORONTO — Adnium, the new ad network built and delivered by Grand Slam Media, announced today that it has secured millions of daily pop-under impressions in Tier 1 geos and is giving advertisers the chance to bid on quality traffic at incredibly competitive rates. 

Distinguishing itself from other networks Adnium uses the CPMv pricing model, ensuring advertisers pay only for ads that are seen versus traditional network billing.

“Pop-unders are great for companies looking to directly target end users and guarantee their attention,” Adnium Director of Sales Kelan Stone said. “Having millions of daily pop-under impressions within Adnium gives media buyers a fair opportunity at securing the coveted space and, because of our competitive pricing model, the publishers are making more on their inventory with us than they would anyone else.

“Top-tier geo-targeted traffic is extremely valuable and we are happy to have it within our network and we encourage people to check it out.”

At a glance, Adnium’s average daily impressions and CPMv are as follows:

US — 1.4 million @ $0.82 Avg. CPMv

CA — 100,000 @ $0.28 Avg. CPMv

UK — 150,000 @ $1.79 Avg. CPMv

DE — 400,000 @ $0.63 Avg. CPMv

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