Megan Andelloux Expands ‘Study Sex College Tour’ Staff

PAWTUCKET, R.I. — Sexuality educator Megan Andelloux has hand-selected three new, experienced sex educators to join her on her Study Sex College Tour (SSCT) including Cassandra Corrado, Kira Manser, and Raisa S. Negrón.

The SSCT tackles topics ranging from the history and biology of sex, to decoding individual sexual desires and fantasies on campuses nationwide.

"With the new school year almost here, we at the CSPH (The Center for Sexual Pleasure & Health) are getting ready to go back to school too,” Andelloux said. “To meet our ever-growing lecture schedule, I'm super thrilled to be bringing Kira, Raisa, and Cassandra on board.”

She added, “These dynamic, experienced sexuality educators are bringing a new burst of energy and knowledge to our talented pool, and I'm sure we will soon be reaching even more campuses than ever before. I'm thrilled to have The CSPH reaching more young adults across the nation, and we are ready to get started.”

For more information about the Study Sex College Tour, email SSCT Program Manager Corrado at