GunzBlazing, WowMediaCash Merge Operations

SAN FRANCISCO — Gay affiliate programs WowMediaCash and GunzBlazing announced today that they have incorporated, and into GunzBlazing’s global affiliate network.

The merger comes as GunzBlazing takes over management and affiliate marketing of the three sites while Wow Media will continue to provide the best of Australian amateur content.

“Following over 15 years of successful growth and business as a standalone boutique gay adult business, I am extremely excited with our new partnership with Gunz Blazing,” said Peter F, owner and managing director of Wow Media and Wow Media Cash.

“Using the expertise and resources that GunzBlazing has offered for very many years, we are confident that our program and sites will continue to grow, be well supported and our flagship site featuring unique Australian exclusive content will continue to grow and bring growth for both of our businesses. We have some exciting new announcements to make and I am excited and very happy to be working with the GunzBlazing team.”

Robyn Way, president of GunzBlazing, said, “GunzBlazing was born in Australia so we’re absolutely stoked to be bringing back some Aussie flavor into the program with the addition of

“We’re also very excited to work with Peter given his many years of experience in the industry and look forward to help building his membership base. These three sites are an excellent addition to our roster as we have no strictly amateur sites and we know those Aussie accents will have men’s attention right across the globe.”

For more information about GunzBlazing, contact Matt Vonegidy here.