ABS Holdings Now Distributing ‘Fifty Shades’ Playroom Kits

ABS Holdings Now Distributing ‘Fifty Shades’ Playroom Kits
Ariana Rodriguez

LONDON — ABS Holdings is now offering the new Playroom Kits from the Official Fifty Shades of Grey Collection.

“For those wishing to up their Fifty Shades games, the new Playroom Kits have arrived,” said Glenn Wilde, ABS Holdings senior sales executive. “These new items are a welcome new addition to the best-selling range. Each item is of the high quality our customers have come to expect and they are all branded with the highly recognizable livery that now catch everyone’s eye. Restraint is the name of the game with these cuff and tether sets. The Control Freak offers under the bed restraint, whilst the Stand to Attention lets you transform a door to a much more interesting device.

“Promise to Obey is a pair of arm restraints which makes a change from the wrist and ankle cuffs of yore, whilst Trust Me is an always handy spreader bar,” he Wilde said. “Each item comes with full instructions and will sit proudly with existing Fifty Shades products.”

The Playroom collection allows couples to bring the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy’s erotic scenes to life with sensual accessories. The line’s cuffs are lined with faux fur and all leather is 100 percent vegan and soft to the touch. Every item comes with a blindfold and a specially designed door hanger that tells onlookers to “Do Not Disturb.”

The set also includes three under-bed restraint systems, each for a different level of play. The Control Freak Under the Bed Stretcher adjusts to fit any size bed and restrains the wrists and ankles from each corner. The adjustable Completely His Spreader with Elasticated Straps offers the same full-body restraint but with bungee-like straps that allow for slight movement.

The Keep Still Over the Bed Cross Restraint is modeled after a classic St. Andrew’s Cross, can either rest on top of the bed or be clipped above it.

In a similar cross design, the Stand to Attention Over the Door Restraint hangs over the door. The Velcro-adjustable Promise to Obey Arm Restraints offers more mobility, while the Trust Me Adjustable Spreader Bar and Cuffs keeps legs wide open and locked in position. The bar is adjustable and covered in faux leather that can be divided into two sections for easy travel.

For more details, contact the sales team at sales@absholdings.com.