Kennston Productions Launches

Kennston Productions Launches
John Sanford

HOUSTON — Kennston Productions has announced the launch of the first .porn site for trans guy porn,, which is billed as a one-stop place for everything FTM porn-related.

Kennston Productions is striving to change how consumers see trans men content. With their launch of they are giving consumers the opportunity to find any kind of FTM porn they want — gay, straight, queer or solo FTM porn. This blog-based site updates every few days with a new set from one of Kennston’s sites or other FTM sites.

“We are trying to revolutionize FTM porn, and this is just one step in our goal to bring trans guy porn to more people,” said owner Michelle Austin. “When we bought we were trying to figure out what to actually do with the domain. We felt that it was a good idea to make it a place where anyone can come and find FTM porn, be it with one of our sites or our competitors' site.”

Kennston Productions has been doing a lot this past year with trans men content, releasing DVDs and launching solo sites and along with their site Kennston has plans to launch more solo sites this year and a cam site for FTM models.