Orgazmik Releases Newest DVD, ‘Nylon Room Service’

ZURICH — Newcomer director Peach Ball has just finished his third production, “Nylon Room Service,” released by Orgazmik Productions, one of Europe’s largest adult DVD and VOD retailers.

“In my movies I’m trying to play with common fetishes but avoid [doing] a regular fuck-flick,” said Peach. “Since I’m staying quite often in hotels I got the fantasy of bringing lazy maids and nylons together, and also to add a little bit of humor.”

“Nylon Room Service” contains five scenes shot in Eastern Europe, with five models that all love to wear sexy pantyhose or stockings, or even both together.

Orgazmik Productions’ editor Diego Madonna notes that it’s great to experience how these girls go into their role.

“There is not even a dialogue necessary,” Madonna says, “It’s all purely for the eyes.”

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