The Semenette Sponsors Woodhull’s Sexual Freedom Summit

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — Berman Innovations, creator of The Semenette, has announced its sponsorship of the sixth annual Sexual Freedom Summit.

The Summit, held August 12-16 at the Hilton Mark Center in Alexandria, Virginia, is the one conference focused on sexual freedom as a fundamental human right in the U.S.. The Summit is presented by the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance, the nation’s leading sexual freedom and human rights organization.

“It was very important to me, personally, to sponsor Woodhull’s Summit,” says Stephanie Berman, CEO of Berman Innovations and creator of The Semenette. “I strongly support their mission to educate and empower individuals about sexual freedom and rights. The Summit offers a vast range of speakers and events; we are thrilled to support and be a part of this important conference.”

The Semenette, a novelty intimacy product, allows partners to mimic traditional intercourse through its proprietary inner tubing and pump system, re-creating the ejaculation process in the privacy of their own home. Berman herself is a Semenette success story; she and her wife successfully used the product to conceive their daughter a year ago.

With four days of institutes, workshops, plenaries, SARs, and social events, the focus of Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance’s annual Sexual Freedom Summit is global recognition of the fundamental human right to sexual freedom. From gender expression to reproductive justice, LGBT rights to polyamory, sex work to spirituality, and more, the Sexual Freedom Summit welcomes attendees to bring ideas and concerns to the table, all within a human rights framework. The schedule of institutes and workshops, roundtable discussions, and sessions cover a gamut of topics, ranging from geriatric sexuality, abuse, sex education, religion, gender identities, mental health, condom use, policy trends, intellectual and developmental disabilities, consent, sex work, and more.

“We’re thrilled to welcome The Semenette into our family of sponsors,” says Ricci Levy, Executive Director of The Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance. “We’re thankful for every sponsor who supports sexual freedom as a fundamental human right by supporting the Sexual Freedom Summit.”

The Summit is for everyone interested in sexual freedom — from activists, educators, students, attorneys, and clinicians, to people who are simply curious about how to make the world a freer place for all. For more information on the Sexual Freedom Summit, including the schedule, tickets, and more, click here.

The Semenette is made of premium medical-grade silicone, is non-toxic and phthalate-free, and manufactured entirely in the U.S.

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