'Intimately Female' Art Exhibition to Premiere in Vegas

LAS VEGAS — Sin City Gallery has announced "Intimately Female," a contemporary look at unique artistic expressions from a diverse group of female artists.  

The exhibition premieres at the Art Motel inside the Life Is Beautiful Music & Art Festival Sept. 25-27, 2015 in downtown Las Vegas.

Curated by Sin City Gallery Director Dr. Laura Henkel, "Intimately Female" promises an up close and personal view of new trends in contemporary art while unmasking secrets of the female imagination.

Artists include Shelbi Schroeder, JK Russ, Nancy Good, Nanda Sharifpour, SM Shifflett, Marne Lucas, Sarah Jane Woodall and Dorit Schwartz.

The American photographer Schroeder creates provocative fine art Polaroid photographs with "an alluring sense of mysterious figures awash in an aura of light," Henkel said.

"Quiet metaphors guide the works of JK Russ (New Zealand) who reimagines the beauty and complexity of the natural world in collage, while the trompe-l'œil photographs of Las Vegas artist Nancy Good plays with morphed body parts to create mesmerizing objects," she added.

Henkel said pioneering Iranian artist Nanda Sharifpour’s portraits offer unseen views of the private feminine, made invisible by fundamentalist rule in her home country.

Likewise, the act of looking and naming is "turned upside down" by the San Francisco painter SM Shifflett, whose paintings are a celebration of the diversity of feminine experience, according to Henkel.

On the flip side, a thread of "irreverence and rebellion" runs is seen through New York artist Marne Lucas’ counter-culture pinup that embraces masculine beauty, the curator said.

Confrontation and humor is the name of the game for Las Vegas artist Sarah Jane Woodall’s live-action performance, Wonderhussy, celebrating female power. As she puts it, "Since the dawn of time, it has remained a thing of mystery and even shame. It has been idolized, fetishized, monetized and demonized...but its full power has never been realized. Until now.”

Israeli sculptor Dorit Schwartz includes a quiet evocation of the feminine.

"No overt symbols exist, rather seemingly simple shapes stand to express a spectacular vision of something deep within, the open spaces like an abstract illustration of the innermost heart of a man, containing a chakra like crystal, a round curvilinear wood carved to form a womb like interior, reflecting the hidden chakra of woman," Henkel said.

The curator concluded, “This reveal of new ideas and practice in art, erogenous secrets, and the unspoken realms of art and amour means this absolutely is a show not to be missed, a fascinating audience driven exhibition that promises unforgettable experiences.”

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