HotMovies Launches HTML5 Streaming

HotMovies Launches HTML5 Streaming
John Sanford

PHILADELPHIA — has announced its latest innovation, HTML5 video streaming using DASH (Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP).

With the recent call by Facebook, Mozilla, and many others in the tech industry for the removal of Flash due to continued security concerns, has released its newest player. It runs on all modern browsers including Microsoft Edge, which was released with Windows 10 and will soon be released to mobile browsers.

DASH plays without the need for third party plugins (Flash or Silverlight). Due to the native integration with the browser, it is possible to play back high resolutions such as 4K or high frame rates like 60 fps, according to HotMovies.

Google has already announced that support for Silverlight will be removed from Chrome in September 2015, while the new Microsoft Edge browser does not support Silverlight at all. The increasing security concerns over using Flash have made the development and implementation of the HTML5 player a top priority. It gives users the most secure and reliable streaming experience possible, now and in the future, the company said.

“Our customers’ privacy and security are top priorities,” said Bill Barron, CTO of “We felt it necessary to lead the way in creating a plugin free experience for our users, while also giving the best experience and quality available in the streaming video market.”

HTML5 streaming is the latest of HotMovies' innovations, which also include a comprehensive user recommendation system, mobile streaming, scene searching, the ability to purchase single scenes from full-length movies, and the largest library of adult movies online (200,000 and growing).