Fingers Pointing in Love-Schechter Legal Battle

Fingers Pointing in Love-Schechter Legal Battle
Rhett Pardon

LAS VEGAS — Shy Love, the former porn star who later jumped into the talent representation biz, earlier today issued a press release declaring victory in her legal battle with ATMLA owner Mark Schechter.

But Schechter told XBIZ this afternoon that the legal dispute simply isn’t over.  

Love in November filed a slander lawsuit seeking unspecified damages against Schechter and director Barrett Blade, alleging they made false statements that she stole money from former clients while cooking the books of ATMLA when her husband owned and operated the talent agency. Schechter officially took control of ATMLA in July 2013.

Love in her claim also contended that adult production studios including Mile High Media and Gamma Entertainment had been asked by Schechter to "blacklist" Love's current clients. She claimed that the alleged blacklist was honored by numerous adult film directors, including Brad Armstrong, Porno Dan, David Lord, Just Dave and Blade, and "injured her occupation."

Love's suit further said that the defendants spread claims that she was bankrupt and that at least four adult performers were contacted by Schechter, who allegedly stated to them it was in their best interest to find alternative representation because of her purported misdeeds.

Schechter in December countersued Love, who now manages The VIP Connect agency, on a host of charges including breach of contract, intentional interference with prospective economic advantage, unfair business practices and fraud.

Today, in a press release, Love said that she was declaring victory,

"After two dismissals in court the judge found no basis to the meritless counter lawsuit that Mark Schechter filed against Shy Love and dismissed it twice," Love said in the release. "The judge gave Mr. Schechter a third chance to rewrite the counter lawsuit and on the last date it was due Mr. Schechter chose not to pursue his countersuit.

"I am extremely happy that the truth prevailed and the judge found no merit in this baseless countersuit. Now the only lawsuit pending in my initial lawsuit against Mr. Schechter. I believe at the end the truth will prevail, as it has already on the counter lawsuit."

But Schechter, in response to Love’s press release, called the case “far from over.”   

In addition, Schechter told XBIZ that both sides are “nowhere close to either side being in any position to claim a victory. Until all cards are face up on the table, we have definitely not folded.” 

“It’s really sad that Shy Love believes that legal victories occur after every little procedural motion in a case,” Schechter said. “We’ve chosen not to pursue our countersuit until after discovery is completed. 

“The reasons are simple: There’s a shell game of entities and people with Shy Love pointing towards her husband as the person who made the financial representations and completed the sale of ATMLA."

Schechter said Love’s husband and former ATMLA owner Roy Liberboim “seems to be the person with the answers, at least according to Shy’s deposition testimony, and we’re looking forward to depositions and further discovery.”

“Of course, we were shocked when Shy testified under oath that she does not own VIP Connect.  She’s just a consultant for the real owner of VIP Connect. That’s her testimony.

“At present there are numerous subpoenas pending that will provide interesting evidence.  Since Shy wants to keep the adult film industry posted on the litigation, we’ll make sure to keep you up to date."