Kheper Games Sees Sales Spike at ANME

Kheper Games Sees Sales Spike at ANME
John Sanford

LOS ANGELES — Kheper Games, Inc. reported it was impressed with the support and results of its  recent ANME Show. Sales at the show and within the week following have catapulted the recent show to being their most successful to date, the company said.

Kheper Games introduced 11 new items at the show, including three that will be released next month: Sex Toy Seductions, the Pleasure Ring/Bullet Editions; Lucky Sex Scratch Tickets; and their soon-to-be patented Disco Ball Cup. The Kheper Games sales team drank from their Disco Ball Cups at many of the show events, which garnered quite a bit of interest and traffic to their booth.

“We have never been busier at a trade show,” said CEO Brian Pellham. “I would like to thank all of our great customers and appreciate the support you give us at these shows. We’re thrilled at how much interest we have in our new products and love that so many of you want your own Disco Ball Cups for your home bars as well.”

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