Glenn King's ManEaters Show Partners With AlphaX

LOS ANGELES — Glenn King’s ManEaters Show announced a partnership with AlphaX male enhancement products.

The new arrangement will include cross promotion, sponsorship of show segments, and prizes for guests and contestants.

“This relationship started when someone gave me a sample of AlphaX and I tried it. I was amazed. I’m 46 years old so I need every edge I can get. Until I tried AlphaX I had not found an over-the-counter product that really makes a serious difference. AlphaX really works. I contacted them and told them I was a customer and we started talking. It’s a product that I can sincerely tell people that I believe in. I really use it. People can find out for themselves by going to and using the promo code: KING for a 10 percent discount off all orders,” King said.

AlphaX partners said in a statement, “We are very excited for the new partnership with ‘Glenn King’s ManEaters Show.' Alpha X has been helping men and couples who are looking for that extra confidence in the bed room for years. Bringing it to Glenn King’s show will give us the ability to help many other men and couples who have not had the pleasure of using Alpha X. Bring the excitement back, and make her want you again like when you first met.”

The new relationship will begin on this week’s show, debuting on and Roku. AlphaX will be giving free pills to all of the finalists in the “TwAss-Off Competition."