Tibbals Pens Piece on AdultEmpire Tour

Tibbals Pens Piece on AdultEmpire Tour
Rhett Pardon

PITTSBURGH — Author, sociologist and adult industry expert Dr. Chauntelle Tibbals recently penned a piece for UpRoxx.com describing her tour of Pittsburgh-based AdultEmpire’s adult DVD and sex toy and novelty warehouse.

Tibbals, who currently is celebrating the publication of her recent book, “Exposure: A Sociologist Explores Sex, Society, and Adult Entertainment,” took a tour of Adult Empire’s three-building facility guided by company execs Megan Wozniak, Chelsea McCain and Becky Merbler.

“Now, I’ve been in plenty of warehouses before, porn-related and otherwise, and I was shocked as I made my way through this one — both by the amount of DVDs they had on hand and the diversity of DVD-related enterprises that were underway,” Tibbals said in the UpRoxx.com piece.

The column went on to discuss the company’s roots starting in 1997, the darker years during the Great Recession, and where it is today.

“AdultEmpire made it through an extremely challenging period and is now back on the upswing,” Tibbals said. “Though they dropped the ‘DVD’ from their name, they currently offer over 60,000 DVD and Blu-ray titles and 4,500 different sex toys. They expanded their VOD capabilities dramatically and boast a massive video on demand library, as well as a Netflix-like monthly subscription service — Adult Empire Unlimited — which taps over 30,000 streaming movies and 150,000 individual scenes.

“Put simply, AdultEmpire offers a staggering amount of porn. They’ve also thrown a lot of effort into building their online community — blogs and v-logs and reviews and contests and things, which was why I was there.”

To read the entire Tibbals piece, click here.