Moe ‘The Monster’ Johnson Signs With 101 Modeling

LOS ANGELES — Moe “The Monster” Johnson has signed with 101 Modeling.

“I've been a free agent for four months now, and it has totally given me a in-depth understanding of the adult industry — some good, and some bad,” Johnson said. “When making my decision to retain an agency to represent me, I wanted a company which would completely focus on me not just as black male talent, but an agency which sees me for what I am: a hard-working, reliable, male performer which producers, directors, and female talent can depend on to deliver quality scenes.”

An agency spokesperson added, “We at 101 are very excited about adding Moe ‘The Monster’ Johnson to our roster. He is a valuable asset to any production, and a performer you can count on.”

Johnson noted that he has appeared on The Howard Stern Show, competing in the “World’s Most Beautiful Penis Contest” (hosted by Star Trek alumni and activist George Takei). He also recently spoke out about race and the adult industry in an interview with The Daily Beast.