Evil Angel to Unveil Darkko 4-Packs

Evil Angel to Unveil Darkko 4-Packs
John Sanford

LOS ANGELES — Customers that have long clamored for a price break on Evil Angel product should circle Monday, August 3 on their calendars. That’s the day the XXX studio and director Jonni Darkko unveil a fan-friendly concept: the thematic, specially priced multi-DVD set.

“Darkko’s Oral 4-Pack” includes four of the director’s signature blowjob movies, each on a full-length DVD; “Darkko’s Anal 4-Pack” comprises a quartet of his “glam-core” sodomy showcases, also on four fully appointed DVDs. Each “4-Pack” comes conveniently contained in a single DVD case.

“The big thing here is value for our customers,” explained Evil Angel Domestic Sales Manager Justin Rich. “They’ve been demanding a more economical way to purchase Evil Angel material, and here it is: We’re offering four DVDs for the same wholesale price as our regular, single discs. Evil Angel has never done something like this.”

The deal may be unprecedented, but the content lives up to Evil Angel standards — “Darkko’s Oral 4-Pack” and “Darkko’s Anal 4-Pack” are both made up of recent bestsellers. “The movies are unedited and the DVDs, including all original features, come in slim, single-DVD cases, so they won’t take lots of shelf space,” according to Rich. “These DVDs are of the exact same quality as our new releases, and we’re excited to launch this concept with top-notch material from Jonni, one of our most popular and artistic filmmakers.”

The four movies in “Darkko’s Oral 4-Pack” are “Black Fuck Faces,” “Suck It Dry,” “Load Warriors” and “Wet Food,” which add up to over 12 hours of hardcore action. The director talks about what he looks to capture in oral scenes: “I want beautiful girls to look like angels, and then I want to push them to the limits of what they can do with their mouths, tongues and throats.”

Included in “Darkko’s Anal 4-Pack” are “Asian Anal Assault,” “Bet Your Ass 5,” “Bet Your Ass 6” and “Gape Me” — that’s over 10 hours of slick sodomy. “In anal scenes,” Darkko reveals, “I want the hottest girls with the tightest asses burning up and losing control with the most intense pounding and grinding. I want these girls to melt.”

Darkko promises more of this value on the way: “We have two more four-packs coming in September, all-girl and Asian-themed four-packs.” Adds Rich, “Fans know those to be among Jonni’s specialties, so they can expect exciting material at the lowest possible price.”

Rich and Evil Angel are optimistic about all the new value packs reaching consumers trying to complete their collections, as well as customers that don’t always purchase Evil Angel material. “Look forward to more four-packs from various Evil Angel directors,” teases Rich.

Like a buxom porn babe, Evil Angel’s four-packs are stacked with fun and ready to spread their value to all comers.