Ashley Sinclair Releases Sex Tape

VENICE, Calif. — Ashley Sinclair shoots a lot of sexy and sex-filled content for her sites and for individuals, but now is the first time that she has released a “real” sex tape for her fans to enjoy.

While Ashley doesn’t have a boyfriend, her and a friend had sex with the camera rolling — no acting, no setups, nothing staged — just Ashley and her friend going at it naturally.

“I thought it’d be hot for people to see a non-porn sex tape of me and someone that I really love having sex with,” Ashley said. “He likes to stay out of the public eye pretty much because we aren’t like dating or anything.”

“We’re just really good friends. We’re about the same age, like many of the same things, he hangs out with me and we fuck when we are horny. It works,” Ashley adds. “I finally talked him into letting it be filmed [and] I think it really captures a behind-the-scenes look at my real sex life.”

Ashley has tentatively titled the scene “Fuck Buddies — Unscripted,” and will release the new video online on Friday, July 17, at midnight.

“If it’s popular we will do more and maybe even take requests,” Ashley concludes, “but this one is non-scripted, just us going at it like real couples do. No freaky positions, No weird angles, No awkward script — just real sex!”

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