Screaming O Wins Marketing Award

Screaming O Wins Marketing Award
John Sanford

LOS ANGELES — The Screaming O has been recognized for its marketing and clever promotions with StorErotica’s Marketing Campaign of the Year award.

The award acknowledges the company’s consistent success creating effective marketing plans and this year’s award highlights the Muff Diver campaign created for the SnorkelO.

The SnorkelO oral sex aid is a cheeky take on a snorkel with a 100 percent silicone vibrating mouthpiece, allowing for steady air flow and uninterrupted oral sex. Its clever marketing campaign helped incentivize sales while supporting retail stores with promotional events, which increased foot traffic and inspired impulse purchases.

Store staff was presented official “membership” into the SnorkelO “Muff Divers Association” with customized ID cards that added colorful flair to every in-store event. These eye-catching conversation starters were customized by The Screaming O’s art department for every employee with either “Official Muff Diver” or “Official Muff Divee” hanging from red-and-white branded lanyards. These fun accessories made it easy for retailers to promote the new SnorkelO while leaving a lasting impression on shoppers and event attendees.

“We launched this fun promotion as part of our ongoing retail support program to help storeowners and staff make the most of their events, and the Muff Diver theme gave us opportunity to get even more creative – and extra cheeky,” The Screaming O Account Executive Conde Aumann said. “Winning StorErotica’s Marketing Campaign of the Year award is a special reminder that the industry continues to recognize and appreciate The Screaming O’s marketing genius. Thank you to the StorErotica team and all who voted!”

For more information about the SnorkelO and the rest of The Screaming O’s sex toy line, email Aumann at