MTV Casting for 'True Life' Episode With Adult Theme

LOS ANGELES — Doron Ofir Casting and MTV’s series “True Life" are screening candidates for a spot on a potential upcoming episode about the adult industry.

They are seeking candidates who have a parent working in the adult toy or video industry.

The synopsis follows:

My Parent is in Porn/Adult Toys

"Sex is big business. But is it your family business? Do you have a parent who works in porn? Do they perform or produce adult films? Or do you have a parent who makes a living designing, manufacturing or selling sexy toys or other adult products and related goods and services.

"We are interested in hearing how your life is shaped by the career choice of your parent. Perhaps you accept and support what they do to pay the bills…or maybe it’s made your life harder and you wish your parents had a more conventional line of work. Will you follow in their footsteps?"

For more information, contact Doron Ofir Casting's Kaitlyn Ward at