'Triple X Tycoon' Launches New IndieGoGo Campaign

NEW YORK — Joy-Toilet has launched an IndieGoGo campaign for its flagship product, Triple X Tycoon, a simulation game about running a business in the adult entertainment industry.  

The company said thats since announcing the game last October, the development team has had issues raising funds. This and other factors has caused the company to cancel multiple side projects and let go of most of its team in an effort to get the game back on track for a release this winter.

"Triple X Tycoon is the most resilient project I've ever worked on. At one point I thought it was over. We were out of money, it started to feel like we made a mistake. But somehow we just kept figuring it out, making it work," lead developer Christon "Doop" LeJohn said.

Last month the company added two new artists to the team with hopes of producing enough new content to release a short demo by the end of summer. 

LeJohn added, "For now, it's all out of pocket. We have a lot of respect for the adult industry, not enough people do. We're finally starting to make some friends which is something I hope we can continue to do. Maybe once the demo is done, people will kind of understand where we're coming from. It's all just good fun."

To support the campaign, click here.