Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance to Attend ANME

WASHINGTON — The Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance will attend ANME next week to discuss policy, change and actions regarding sexuality and laws.

Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance board members Buck Angel, Nina Hartley, Danny O’Neill, Metis Black, Ted Bernhardt and Executive Director Ricci Levy will be on hand at the Burbank, Calif., event starting Sunday.

Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance is the only nonprofit organization working full-time at the crossroads of sexuality and human rights. The group works to end discrimination against pleasure, including laws that discriminate against cases for sex workers, performers, and for retail workers in the adult industry.

“Pleasure is at the heart of sexual freedom. The companies who produce and sell products that enhance personal and partner pleasure are our allies and colleagues,” Levy said. “As a matter of fact, many of the exhibitors at ANME support our work by sponsoring our Sexual Freedom Summit.”

Woodhull’s leadership will be at a booth at ANME and at the Sexual Freedom Summit in Alexandria, Va, Aug. 13-16.

The Summit, now in its 6th year, is the oldest sexual freedom conference focused on both the personal and the political.  A four-day event that has hosted several thousand attendees, the Summit provides the inspiration and the tools we need to create a more pleasure-positive world.