Dividend-paying Zaffit Says It’s Ready to Accept Content

LAS VEGAS — Zaffit Distribution Network is out of beta testing and is ready to start accepting studios.

Zaffit officials said it is setting the standards higher in the adult industry by providing an innovative new video-on-demand technology by addressing two major issues — the proliferation of online piracy and ensuring that studios, directors and performers earn lifetime royalties for the productions that they appear in.

Performers and directors claim and manage their own profiles, as well as keeping track of their royalties, which are paid out monthly, Zaffit said.

Zaffit enables studios to release new or expired content, free of charge, and earn 60 percent commissions on all rentals and pay per views.

Studios can take control of their own upload video assets and previews through an innovative administration portal, as well as see up-to-the minute statistics on each asset.

Studios are not required to sign any type of exclusivity contract; however, Zaffit only accepts full movies, not partial clips.

Zaffit said its state-of-the-art technology makes extensive use of the cloud for delivering content to its users from a network of more than 100,000 CDN servers worldwide, all through secure tunneling.

Members can view movies through a pay-per-view basis, as well as rent movies for one day or forever rentals. But they cannot download movie assets.

Members can also rate and review movies, studios, directors and performers based on professionalism, skills, productivity, and creativity.

Zaffit said directors earn two percent, and performers earn one percent for every production they are listed in.