Tainster Network Gets Complete Overhaul

LOS ANGELES — The Tainster Network has announced its complete overhaul.

Calling itself “the amusement park of porn,” The Tainster Network was revamped to offer a variety of improvements, including the launch of a completely new members’ area.

“This gives members a better overview of the vast amount of content the 15+ websites they can access have to offer,” explains a Tainster rep. “The adjustments to the interface make the website easier to navigate through, creating a better user experience.”

“More changes in the layout consist of all new tours and tube tours in order to display the content in the best way,” the rep adds, noting that The Tainster Network offers exclusive updates on a daily basis.

The network distinguishes itself by offering unique content focusing on specific niches.

The Tainster Network includes sites such as PartyHardcore.com, SlimeWave.com, My-Fetish.com, PissingInAction.com and more, with Tainster.com members enjoying unlimited access to all of the sites within the network.

For more information, visit Tainster.com.

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