Nomi Tang Expands With Australian Warehouse and Support Center

SYDNEY — Nomi Tang has signed an agreement with Next to Nothing (NTN), to implement an Australian warehouse, delivery and support center.

NTN has been in business for more than 24 years, with a warehouse in Sydney located minutes from the airport and seaport, where NTN has built a reputation based on a high standard of service and reliability, and is renowned for its quality products.

According to Martin, Nomi Tang’s overseas marketing manager, over the last few years the adult market in Australia has changed dramatically. Brick and mortar retailers do not want to carry stock — they want “just in time” delivery. Websites want drop ship and do not carry stock. Retailers want quick turn around and full access to stock without any investment or commitment.

Nomi Tang solves those problems by cooperating with NTN, a local company that provides fulfillment services, warehousing and product distribution.

“This is a great chance to enter the Australian market,” Martin says. “NTN only deals with adult associated products and is an expert in the field, especially with regards to adult product regulations, best pack and send practices, customized needs for differing retail groups, and consumer expectations.”

“With their expertise and quality service,” Martin adds, “I believe our products can satisfy the Australian customers very well.”

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