Tanya Tate Featured On Mainstream Sites

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Tanya Tate announced her recent features on websites MensHealth.com, TheDailyBeast.com and FilthyGorgeousMedia.com.

Tate contributed to Men's Health's "6 Porn Stars Reveal The Most Insane Things That Have Happened While Filming" article. “I have my share of interesting stories,” Tate said. “But there is one in particular that makes my head spin. Fortunately, I didn’t participate, but I was there to witness it. I would advise not to read the article while having lunch."

The Daily Beast reached out to Tate to discuss selling panties. In the article titled “The Dirty Panties Black Market: Porn Stars Make Big Money Selling Their Underwear to Superfans” Tate recounts the first time she sold her panties and how that differs from the way she sells them now.

Tate's Instagram account also landed her among FilthyGorgeousMedia.com’s "10 Of The Sexiest Pornstar Instagrams You Need To See."