CrakRevenue Launches the Dating Survey

QUEBEC CITY — CPA platform CrakRevenue has announced the launch of the Dating Survey in addition to some new tours and creatives for its Porn Survey.

The Dating Survey and the Porn Survey are interactive questionnaires that prompt and engage visitors to answer simple questions about their online dating interests and individual porn tastes, said Frédéric Hains of CrakRevenue.

Upon completion of the survey, visitors are rewarded with a free trial or an enticing discount good towards one of CrakRevenue's four top-converting offers, which pay affiliates between $30 and $50 on all sales generated.

Hains said CrakRevenue’s Survey lineup is a “unique way to engage users and present multiple offers” that allows visitors to convert traffic that otherwise may prove difficult to convert with direct offers.

“Time has shown us one thing: online surfers love to be rewarded,” he said.
“Of course, we reward these visitors with only the most enticing PPS offers in our lineup at the time. Each offer is constantly optimized based on conversion rate.

“Both the Dating Survey and the Porn Survey convert like no other when promoted through an effective promotional technique such as a popunder,” he said. “Visitors view the survey as part of the website they're on, and less like an ad. That's what makes these Surveys so powerful.”

In the coming months, Hains said, CrakRevenue affiliates can expect to see the Cam Survey and the Torrent Survey appearing soon.