Q&A: VP Adam H. Discusses Growth of Pure Play Media

Dan Miller

LOS ANGELES — Pure Play Media didn’t get to where it is today by taking a conservative approach, and the frontline distributor is not about to start now.

Even though the market is crowded and the stakes are high, the Hightstown, N.J.-based heavyweight in the past year has solidified its reputation as one of the most proactive companies in porn.

“It’s amazing the territory you can touch when you just reach out,” said Adam H., the VP of Pure Play who has formed distribution partnerships with five more studios in recent months.

In this exclusive interview, the executive discusses his views on the current DVD landscape, his expanding studio roster and the future of Pure Play as it heads into the second half of 2015 with several big releases in the pipeline.

XBIZ: What trends have you noticed with DVD distribution?

: As different content delivery avenues emerge, DVD distribution requires more personalization and individualized attention for each customer. Lead generation and evaluation is a constant process. Distributors need to be more creative in their approach to providing goods and services.

Making sure that customers are aware of the extensive offerings of our expanding catalog is a big part of our process. Customers want a distributor who wants to outfit the retailer with the most concise, tailored catalog they can buy. Attention to detail is more important than ever.

XBIZ: How would you describe the current DVD market?

AH: The option to choose from a wide selection of content is ever present, and this is due to a market teeming with options. That said, the nature of the current DVD market for a distributor like Pure Play Media is truly what you make of it. Stay dedicated to your customers, continue to seek out the best production companies, and keep fulfillment a top priority…these goals, as well as positive attitude and work ethic, are simply the best ingredients for navigating the current and changing landscape.

XBIZ: What do you attribute to Pure Play’s significant growth during the past year?

AH: We provide a top-notch service with great terms, and our reputation compels studios to call upon our experience to handle their DVD sales. For example, one aspect of our growth is the signing of several new studios, but that in and of itself is two-sided; many of these studios approach us in the first place.

We’ve also maintained and expanded our lists by good old-fashioned reaching out. It’s amazing the territory you can touch when you just reach out.

XBIZ: You’ve signed AE Films, POPPORN Productions, Sara Jay’s Wyde Syde, Airerose and Lightsouthern in recent weeks and months. What made these particular studios attractive to add to your roster?  

AH: AE Films, the production venture from award-winner AdultEmpire, is a top-notch brand with the content to match.

POPPORN Productions, from guys who love porn, is a fresh vision for the new class and fans of classic gonzo.

Sara Jay’s Wyde Syde is such a success online and we are proud to have the opportunity to bring it to DVD. Sara is just a joy to work with.

Airerose is a studio that continues to grow up as Pure Play Media continues to grow. It only makes sense that we’d take care of their releases.

Lightsouthern — the market has been screaming for this type of lush, artful erotica. Its independent sensibility makes it an underdog in our catalog, but we have just fallen in love.

XBIZ: How many different studios does Pure Play distribute now?

: Around 60 at last count!

XBIZ: How would you describe Pure Play’s studio portfolio?

AH: Diverse yet concise, a nice mix of production companies specializing in niche, gonzo, and feature — our roster is built to help businesses grow.

XBIZ: How many titles does Pure Play move every week, every month?

AH: Twenty to 30 titles a week, so upwards of 100-plus titles a month.

XBIZ: What do you think is Pure Play’s greatest strength?

AH: Customer service, hands down. Our sales reps are seasoned, aggressive, and thoughtful, and work tirelessly to represent their studios while creating an optimal program for our retailers.

XBIZ: What is your biggest challenge with Pure Play?

AH: Our greatest challenge is our greatest strength — striving to truly represent each of our studios and getting them the exposure they deserve, while outfitting our customers with the best selection of titles for their business.

XBIZ: What have you learned about doing business from running Pure Play?

AH: Big picture thinking and detail orientation are not mutually exclusive.

XBIZ: What is your vision for the future of Pure Play?

AH: We want to be the distributor that retailers look to ensure the success of our business. It is with the support of our studios, customers, and our great industry that we can make it happen every day.