Offers Bristol Palin Free Condoms for Life

VALENCIA, Calif. — CEO Kevin Mirarchi has announced the company’s offer of a lifetime supply of condoms to Bristol Palin, following her recent announcement of a second pregnancy, and has extended an invitation to the former abstinence advocate to speak about safe sex at a public forum in Los Angeles.

“Ms. Palin’s recent announcement has brought the failure of abstinence-only education into sharp focus,” says Mirarchi. “In offering Ms. Palin free Shibari Condoms for life, and a chance to speak publicly, I am hoping she uses this opportunity to redeem herself to the public, who, at the moment, sees her as a hypocrite.”

Mirarchi, who understands the damage abstinence-only education can do to women and families, saw the opportunity to engage the public in a discussion about safe sex shortly after Palin’s announcement of her second out of wedlock pregnancy.

“I’m saddened to see this expectant mother publicly label her unborn child as a ‘disappointment,’” Mirarchi adds. “The birth of a child should always be seen as a blessing; I hope someday, all women will feel empowered to embrace their sexuality, and with safe sex education, use every method at their disposal to plan their lives and their families as they see fit.”

In addition to condoms, also offers lubricants, female contraceptives, and more.

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