Processing Partners Adds GregTX to Management Team

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — Global payment services provider Processing Partners has announced the addition of GregTX to its team.

Processing Partners, powered by a robust gateway offering direct MIDs with solid direct banking relationships in the EU, as well as adult friendly banks in the U.S., offers credit card processing, as well as an extensive list of alternative payment methods, including EU Direct Debit, SEPA, IDEAL, SOFORT, DIALCOM24, PayPal, and more.

GregTX had been working at First Beat Media where he successful managed a micro-niche dating platform that conducted business in more than 200 countries, with billing in more than 70 currencies.

Prior to this, Greg worked at Shaw Internet for more than 10 years, where he managed different affiliate programs, handling content distribution and advertising.

Now, Greg is now making a transition over to the billing side of things, where Processing Partners is happy to welcome this experienced individual to its team and is looking forward to a fruitful partnership, with Greg managing Processing Partners’ business development and key merchant accounts.  

Processing Partners has specialized in international merchant account acquisition since 2002. The firm is an official Service Partner of Visa and MasterCard, with more than 380 acquiring and billing partners connected to the PAY.ON gateway. The world’s largest independent payment routing gateway, PAY.ON requires only a single technical integration to connect clients to a wide range of acquiring solutions.

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