Michelle Austin Films Releases T-Boy Strokers

HOUSTON — Michelle Ausitn Films and Kennston Productions have announced the release of their fourth film of the year, “T-Boy Strokers,” directed by Michelle Austin and Dicky Johnson.

“T-Boy Strokers” features five trans men having a hand at getting themselves off, including four pre-op performers, Dicky Johnson, Chance Armstrong, Oyle and Eddie Wood, and the debut of post-op trans performer Messyah Kyng. 

Kennston Productions and Michelle Austin Films teamed up earlier this year, with “T-Boy Strokers” being their third FTM (female-to-male) feature so far.

“We have been wanting to release a whole film showing the world how trans guys get off,” Austin says. “Some guys just like to use their hands and others like to stick toys in them, or even other unique ways to get off. I think people need to see how these guys enjoy masturbating.”

“We were also, thrilled that Eddie Wood discovered Messyah,” Austin adds, “because a post-op trans man has never been seen on film before.”

“T-Boy Strokers” will release on June 28 in DVD and digital download from KennstonStore.com.