East Coast News Now Shipping Icon Brands’ Falcon Planograms

Ariana Rodriguez

HIGHTSTOWN, N.J. — East Coast News is currently shipping planograms for the new Falcon male sex toy and accessories line from Icon Brands.

“Icon Brands is a manufacturer that knows its end-user and works tirelessly to create products that both challenge and expand product categories,” said Justin Vickers, East Coast News retail coordinator. “With pride, we offer their Falcon planograms in two sizes to allow more of our valued customers the opportunity to introduce the brand in a bold, dynamic way.”

Each of the two Falcon planograms include a variety of three BBC units, two Manrammers, a Supercock, a Signature Cock, the Vibrating Prostate Massager and a Falcon Butt Plug.

East Coast News is currently shipping Icon Brands’ new Falcon male sex toys and accessories from its three nationwide warehouses. Interested retailers may contact ECN’s sales staff by emailing sales@ecn.com or calling (800) 999-2483.