to Enforce Stricter Community Guidelines

MONTREAL — said today that it is saying goodbye to spam and will enforce stricter community guidelines.

The well-known brand contends that it seeks on improving user-experiences by purging outgoing links that are not validated by site

“This hard stance against directing users to potentially malicious sites will help better promote its content partners and ensure a safer and more pleasant user experience,” project manager Martin Kelly said.

“Webmasters using for affiliate marketing purposes are still welcome to use the site, however they must do so within the new standard of user experience is now mandating as the trust between administrators and users has been abused by spammers.”

Kelly said wants to continue to work with and respect webmasters and program owners “but we will need their cooperation by having them follow our community guidelines.”

“If you are currently using to promote your site, please send an email containing your username and domain name to before July 4 to get your domain whitelisted and to continue getting free traffic from”

Kelly noted that also offers premium exposure on their site to official content sponsors. For more information, contact

For additional information on how webmasters and program owners can use to promote their content, refer to’s Site Etiquette page.