Adult Tube Site Operator Takes Over School’s Old Website

Rhett Pardon

GELDROP, The Netherlands — School administrators here are considering legal action after an adult entertainment tube site operator capitalized on a terminated domain name of an elementary school.

Web visitors who go to,  the former web address of the school, now have their choice of a variety of adult tube site clips instead of learning more about the school's academic program.

The brouhaha over the former domain has its roots in the elementary school’s change of identity,  according to the Eindhovens Dagblad.

Last year, school administrators changed its name from De Windroos (Compass Rose) to De Vlinder (The Butterfly).

It also changed its website address to reflect its new identity; meanwhile, administrators at the school terminated its old address —

Now school administrators are scrambling, with no luck in their attempts to reach the domain name’s registrar through a hosting company in Leeuwarden.

The school, the Eindhovens Dagblad reported, is considering seeking legal help to get back the old name from the operator, only described as a “24-year-old Afghan man.”