CrakRevenue Launches Desktop Dating App

QUEBEC CITY, Canada — CPA platform CrakRevenue has announced the launch of a new desktop app called Sex Messenger.

“The revolutionary in-house software is the company's latest rollout aimed to convert U.S. and Canadian desktop traffic exceptionally well — and it's doing just that,” CrakRevenue Sales Director Vincent Fréchette said.

Frédéric Hains, vice president of products at the company, called Sex Messenger the first a only desktop dating app on the market.

“We’ve seen incredible numbers here. The number of installs is really surprising,” Hains said.

To mark the launch of the product, CrakRevenue plans to offer affiliates $50 per sale on all Sex Messenger memberships.

Affiliates that have high volumes of targeted traffic on their hands, can see up to $75 PPS, Hains said.

“With the dating industry thriving, and app usage more popular than ever — this was an easy de cision for us,” Hains said. “We expect many of our affiliates to do really well with Sex Messenger. We’re excited.”