Sex Worker Mermaid Musical, ‘Fish Girl,’ Set to Open in N.Y.

BROOKLYN, N.Y. — Sex columnist and sex worker Siouxsie Q presents “Fish Girl,” set for its New York premiere at Brooklyn’s Brick Theater, from June 24-28.

The “sex worker mermaid musical,” created by Q and presented by the Bathtub Theatre Company, will be part of a new summer festival at the Brick, aptly titled “F*ckfest.”

“Fish Girl” is the culmination of three years of long distance collaboration between Q and Sean Andries, director of The Circus Project in Portland, Oregon, and explores themes of sex work through the lens of fantasy, presenting an allegorical look into the hopes, dreams, and fears of a sex worker and the one who loves her.

“I starting writing the songs for ‘Fish Girl’ right around the time I entered the sex industry,” says Q. “I used the myth of the mermaid as a way to explore and navigate the stigma (both internal and external), which I was discovering came with my new profession. Both mermaids and sex workers are often seen as hyper-sexualized, mysterious beings that are possibly dangerous and decidedly not quite human.”

“My collaborator and best friend, Sean Andries, was also navigating what it meant to be a loving ally to a sex worker during this time,” Q adds. “The result is this play, about loving a sex worker in a world which says it isn't possible.”

A promotional video for the musical is available here.

The Brick Theater is located at 579 Metropolitan Ave., in Brooklyn.

For more information, visit, or call (718) 285-3863.