The Daily Beast Interviews Jenna J Ross About Controversial Documentary

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Jenna J Ross was interviewed by Aurora Snow in the The Daily Beast in an artcile titled “’Hot Girls Wanted’ Is Pornsploitation: The Porn Industry Fights Back.”

Snow talked to Ross along with writer/director Jacky St. James and talent agent Jack Spade. Ross talked about why she entered the industry, her opinions on the performers featured in the documentary, and why movies like this are not a good or accurate representation of the adult industry as a whole.

“I’m glad that I was able to do this interview and set the record straight,” Ross said. “Mainstream directors and producers usually get it wrong, and that’s why we need more industry people making documentaries. I’m honored to be in the same piece as Jacky St. James, who is nothing short of an amazing writer/director and is a positive role model for all women in adult.”