Video: University Offers Online Course on Managing Social Profiles

Stephen Yagielowicz

DERBYSHIRE, U.K. — The University of Derby has launched a new Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) entitled “Digital Me: Managing Your Digital Self.” The free course helps people wanting to manage their digital presence and profile.

This is an especially sensitive topic to performers and promoters in the adult entertainment industry, which make heavy use of social media and online networking communities, which can have long term unintended consequences due to the revelation of personal information.

For example, recent statistics show that more than half of employers analyze a prospective employee’s social media footprint to help determine that candidate’s suitability for the sought-after position.

The MOOC is a short, free course, developed by the University’s Academic Innovation Hub, supported by University of Derby Online Learning (UDOL). According to the University, this course helps learners develop relevant skills for improving the quality of their digital reputation, to harvest the power of the Web, and to use technology to improve their professional and personal life.

“Just Google yourself now, and see what the Web has to say about you,” explains academic lead Geoff Rebbeck. “Is it the reputation that you intentionally or knowingly created?”

“Digital literacy is more than simply the ability to operate technology and have knowledge of programs, processes and accounts,” Rebbeck adds. “It really defines the ability to manage all these things in a smart way to organize their online presence.”

The course includes six units, covering collaborative living and working, new meanings of the idea of a class, encouraging diverse thinking and proactive learning, life management and online communities, maturity in managing technology, and fostering a positive digital reputation — with an e-certificate awarded upon the course’s successful completion.  

Since 2001, the University of Derby has offered online distance learning to students who required more flexible study options, inspiring people to achieve more and to realize their academic ambitions. Courses are entirely online, with study materials available at any time via computer or mobile device, allowing learners to study at a time and place that suits them.

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