Tickler Debuts 2 New 'Toyfriends'

Bob Johnson

STOCKHOLM, Sweden — Tickler has announced the release of two new Toyfriend products for men and women.

A Swedish-designed take on the classic Rabbit — Ruby Toyfriend — for women has two strong motors, is smooth and is made from quality silicone. The company said the design makes users say “more” and puts a smile on their face at a competitive price.

Also debuting is the Buddy Toyfriend for men, an erection holder that keeps it up and keeps it safe with a smart click on/off solution combined with thoughtful design and smooth and safe Toyfriend silicone.

The company said all Tickler Toyfriends are produced in an ISO 13485 certified facility which means that it is approved for medical production and that the products are safe to use.

Toyfriends are available from Entrenue. Email info@ticklervibes for product information.