Julie Simone's Crowdfunding Campaign Coming to a Close

NEW YORK — Fetish performer Julie Simone announced that she has ventured into neckties as wearable art.

"Since I got the idea to do my T-shirt line a couple years ago, I've been obsessed with the idea of wearable art. My next venture into this concept is neckties. Ties are an area where one can have a bit of leeway. Fun ties are in and accepted in many workplaces. Cool, edgy ties are good for nightlife and can be a discreet and subtle indicator of what you're into without saying a word or making anyone feel uncomfortable. They're not just ties, they're a conversation piece," Simone said.

The ties feature screenprinted designs taken from Simone's photography and include edgy fetishy designs as well as vanilla designs with cats, dogs, and even binary code.

Handpainted ties and a spiked tie are available as well as T-shirts, prints and Simone's photo book, "Gagged."

To support Simone's fundraising Indiegogo campaign, click here.