OSHA Recognizes Tantus With 'SHARP' Certification

Bob Johnson

SPARKS, Nev. — Tantus announced that it has received the Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program (SHARP) status, the highest OSHA standard of workplace safety and hazard prevention possible.

The company was formerly recognized with a SHARP Certification ceremony on June 15 at its headquarters in Sparks, Nevada. Tantus said it is the first company nationally in its respective industry to achieve SHARP status, and one of only 30 businesses in the state of Nevada and 25 in the state of California to receive the rating.

Program participation is awarded to companies that exhibit exemplary injury and illness prevention programs and is tremendous achievement for a company. The implementation of safety standards and SHARPS achievement is mostly a result of Tantus' on-site Safety Committee. First started in June of 2013, the Committee is run by employees with at least one member from each department. The Safety Committee meets regularly to complete worksite inspections, evaluate potential hazards, and review checklists for first aid, facility safety, and emergency procedures. They also run evacuation drills once a quarter.

"We care deeply about our employees, and we began the Safety Committee to ensure they had a safe work environment," CEO Michael Blacksmith said. "The Safety Committee really took initiative and went above and beyond the expectations. I couldn't be prouder of their teamwork and dedication."

The company credited the commitment and diligent work of the Committee's current safety chairman Rizzo Johnson, senior graphic designer, as well as former chairman David Pastor, operations manager.

Tantus noted tht it achieved the SHARP status only one year after the Committee first applied in May 2014.