The Screaming O Debuts FDA-compliant 'Dynamo Delay' Spray

Bob Johnson

LOS ANGELES — The Screaming O has launched its "Dynamo Delay" male genital desensitizer.

The company said the product is the only FDA-compliant male genital desensitizer spray on the market to feature 13 percent Lidocaine USP with a 35 percent more concentrated formula than the market-leading competition.

Dynamo Delay is an over-the-counter (OTC) human drug product made in the U.S. with an FDA-approved indication to treat premature ejaculation and slow the onset of orgasm. Using active ingredient Lidocaine, it provides a topical numbing sensation with a higher concentration that requires less product to provide the same effects. Each bottle contains 50 percent more product with twice the number of sprays at half the cost per spray than the competition — all while delivering better margins, the Screaming O said.

“Male genital desensitizers have remained a top-selling category with little to no innovation, so it was time to give it the Screaming O treatment and create a superior and more modern alternative to the leading brand on the market,” account executive Conde Aumann said. “Dyano Delay is fast-acting and clinically tested to provide safe and effective results with a formula made according to the FDA’s strict drug protocols.”

The company noted that unlike most male genital desensitizers on the market, consumers can find every Dynamo Delay package clearly labeled Lidocaine USP, which ensures the drug meets the quality standards of the United States Pharmacopeia, and its national drug code (aka the NDC) prominently on the front. While not required, The Screaming O openly prints this important information on every box to give men and their partners another reason to trust the product for their intimate needs.

Of the handful of legal FDA-compliant desensitizing products, very few are made using active ingredient Lidocaine, one of the most effective chemical compounds used for its numbing ability, according to the Screaming O. First discovered in 1943 by Swedish anesthesiologists, the FDA approved Lidocaine for medical use in 1948 and since then remains one of the most studied and best understood drugs on the market.

Dynamo Delay is packaged in a metered dosage spray bottle with a child safety lock. Available in six and 12 unit counter display boxes, the product’s POPs sit easily by the register or high-traffic areas of any store with a small footprint. Custom marketing materials, including signage and stickers, are available upon request.

For more information about the product, email Aumann at