Kheper Games Offers New Pot-Themed Games

LOS ANGELES — Kheper Games has announced its release of new pot-themed games, set to launch at the upcoming ANME.

The new games are “Wacky Tobacky Comparisons,” “THC, The Game,” and “Lords of Cannabis,” and will be featured in an independent movie, entitled, “Dude, Where’s My Ferret?

“Wacky Tobacky Comparisons” is a game of wacky questions and answer match-ups, where players compete to submit answer cards to fill-in-the-blank statements, using the wackiest answers possible.

“THC, The Game” is a psychedelic game of pot-themed dares and challenges, with players traveling around the trippy board through such places as “Mount Smokemore” and “Bong Meadows,” along with “The Path of Righteousness” and “Leaping Lilibuds.” Win the game by reaching the Marijuana Clinic first.

“Lords of Cannabis” is a redesigned classic for Kheper Games, Inc. that is back by popular demand. It is a strategic game where players compete to grow the most cannabis. Players can thwart your efforts by blocking your plantation expansions with theirs, or they can sick a sheriff or mob boss on you, as you try to build, trade, and steal your way into becoming the “Lord of Cannabis.”

“Pot-themed games have transitioned dramatically recently, from being a quieter part of our line to now one of the most popular,” explains CEO Brian Pellham. “The change is of course all around us. As marijuana use becomes much more acceptable, and in many states legal, so do products that cater to this theme.”

“The growth in this area (pun intended) has been astounding,” Pellham adds. “We highly recommend that stores and websites add this type of product into their adult games sections.”

In addition to these titles, Kheper Games also sells “Weed!” and “Deluxe Weed!” card games, a pot leaf ashtray, and a “Seeds in the Potleaf” mental challenge game for one.

“Kheper’s pot-themed games do not instruct their players to use marijuana while playing them,” Pellham concluded. “They are simply meant to be fun.”

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