Kim Kardashian May Take Legal Action to Stop Release of Sex Tape

Bob Preston
HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — According to online reports, professional celebrity Kim Kardashian plans to take legal action to stop the release of Vivid's upcoming sex tape "Kim Kardashian Superstar." reports that attorneys for Kardashian plan to take legal action as early as today to stop the 30-minute DVD from hitting shelves.

Vivid Co-Chairman Steven Hirsch told XBIZ that Vivid had heard about the potential lawsuit and was prepared to fight it. He also invited Kardashian to be a part of its distribution.

"We feel that we have the proper documentation," he said. "We plan to release the tape, and we'd like nothing more than for her to come in and be a part of it."

Vivid's Howard Levine echoed Hirsch's feelings, adding that the tape's quality made it worth the possible trouble.

"Even if she decides to sue us, it's still the best celebrity sex tape I've ever seen," Levine told XBIZ. "It's absolutely unbelievable."

Kardashian told that she is "hurt and embarrassed" by the idea of the tape going public and that she had nothing do with its sale to Vivid Entertainment for $1 million.

Among her many claims to fame, Kardashian, 26, is the stepdaughter of Olympic gold medalist Bruce Jenner and the daughter of the late lawyer Robert Kardashian, who represented O.J. Simpson in his murder trial. Kardashian is also friends with professional celebrity and socialite Paris Hilton.

The sex tape features her with hip hop star and former child actor Ray J. ("Moesha"), who filmed himself and Kardashian in action about three years ago when they were dating.