Sybian Sponsoring Exxxotica Mobile Scavenger Hunt

LAS VEGAS — The "Venus for Men" male masturbator by Sybian is sponsoring all three Exxxotica Chicago Mobile Scavenger Hunts this weekend.

The company said it has has teamed with Scavify for its app that allows users to participate in the hunt using their mobile devices. Players complete tasks by snapping photos, checking in at locations on the show floor, scanning QR codes, or answering questions for a chance to win prizes.

“For more than 20 years the Venus for Men has provided sexual satisfaction to thousands of users; it’s unique ability to allow orgasm regardless of the erect status of the user is its most talked about and favorite asset. Because of its unique features the Venus for Men has become a part of the sexual wellness of thousands of men worldwide. This is our first entree into mass marketing this product and what better place to showcase its power that Exxxotica?,” Sybian's Dave Lampert said.