Eroticon 2015 Speakers, Sponsors Announced

Ariana Rodriguez

BRISTOL, U.K. — U.K. sex blogger and erotic writing conference Eroticon 2015 has been announced with pleasure product brands Doxy Massagers, Hot Octopus, Mystery Vibe and Vibease signing on as sponsors.

According to event organizers, Vibease — “the world’s first wearable smart vibrator” — first sponsored Eroticon USA in 2013, and Doxy was seen at the conference in 2014. 

The event’s newest sponsors include Hot Octopuss, manufacturer behind the Pulse “guybrator” and Mystery Vibe, which makes the Crescendo.

“It is always great to have innovative brands sponsoring the conference, bringing together the best in sex writing, tech and sex toys. I’m thrilled to welcome back both Vibease and Doxy as well as the Hot Octopuss and Mystery Vibe teams,” Eroticon’s Ruby Kiddell said.

The two-day event consists of writing workshops, debate and networking for writers and bloggers who write about sex, attracting journalists, bloggers, sex educators and erotic fiction writers alike.

Organizers said that despite the relatively small, niche audience, the conference’s reach is increasing year on year with the #eroticon2014 hashtag reaching more than 500,000 Twitter accounts and creating more than r 3.5 million page impressions in the week of the conference.

Speakers at the conference include influencers in the sex blogging and erotic writing world and this year include: Molly from Molly’s Daily Kiss, Girl on the Net, KD Grace and Emily Dubberley.

“Brands gain unrivalled access to sex bloggers and their audience when they sponsor Eroticon,” Kiddell said. “The 100 delegates attending have a collective digital footprint, readership and trust that brands can really take advantage of. Eroticon is a unique opportunity for brands to talk directly with bloggers, journalists and writers and build relationships that can benefit them in terms of uplifting awareness, loyalty and increasing sales over the long term.”

Eroticon 2015 will be held Aug. 1-2 in Bristol, U.K.