Dr. Suzy Asks, ‘Can Better Sex Lead to World Peace?’

LOS ANGELES — Gardner & Daughters Publishers has announced its latest release, “The Bonobo Way: The Evolution of Peace through Pleasure,” the new book by international sex therapist Dr. Susan Block.

Dr. Block is known for her HBO specials, cable shows and unique approach to sex therapy, as well as her legendary bacchanalian soirées.

Called “the Erin Brockovich of the Bonobo” and “Jane Goodall After Dark,” when Dr. Block first saw bonobos, she fell in love and embarked upon a two-decade study of what she began calling “The Bonobo Way.” This path emphasizes how “peace through pleasure” and other principles of bonobo culture can be applied to enhance the quality and sustainability of human life.

Originally snubbed by primatologists for its “erotic anthropomorphism” of our closest genetic cousins, the Bonobo Way is now becoming a worldwide movement toward a more open, empathetic, female-empowered, ecosexual and peaceful society.

“It’s a new great ape paradigm,” explains Yale graduate Dr. Block. “For decades, humanity has used the ‘killer ape’ model of violent, male-dominant common chimpanzees to explain human murder, war, sexual shaming, broken marriages and lousy relationships. Now enter the bonobos who have a lot of consensual sex, empower the females and have never been seen killing each other. Bonobos break the old paradigm and give us a vision of what we can be.”

In “The Bonobo Way,” Dr. Block provides a roadmap to a “bonobo sutra” of possibilities for the individual and society.

“The Bonobo Way” is available in Kindle and paperback on Amazon.com or direct from the publisher.

A portion of all proceeds from book sales goes to Lola ya Bonobo, The Bonobo Conservation Initiative and other organizations actively helping to protect and save the highly endangered wild bonobos from extinction.

For more information, visit TheBonoboWay.com.